Investment of the magnetic field in reducing the corrosion rate and extraction of iron ores from CK45 steel


Find out the effect of the magnetic field site resulting from a permanent magnet (a magnet pad) on the rate of corrosion of the carbon steel type (DIN CK45) and to invest this effect in lowering the corrosion rate as a corrosion-retardant factor (corrosion inhibitor); Because of the highest weight loss due to corrosion when the permanent magnet pad is adjacent to the corrosion test chamber (0.0185 gr.); and the lowest weight loss due to corrosion is when the magnetic pad is touching the corroded steel and the value of (0.0062 gr.), and the amount of weight loss is (0.0098 gr.) when the corrosion of the steel is without the magnetic field effect, and the duration of the test is eight consecutive months. The magnetic field is also invested in electrochemical deposition by deposition of the ferric chloride compound (FeCl3) and then converted into Magnetite powder (Fe3O4) and a few Hematite(Fe2O3) in the furnace , as demonstrated by the X-RD test for the resulting powder, and then the particle size of the resulting Magnetite and Hematite powder was estimated at (0.222-158.866µm).