Novel Co-Precipitation Method for Synthesis of Nanostructured Nickel Oxide in Accordance to PH: Structural and Optical Properties as an Active Optical Filter


Low cost Co-Precipitation method was used for Preparation of novel nickel oxide (NiO)nano particle thin films with Simple, with two different PH values 6, 12 and its effect onstructural and optical properties as an active optical filter. Experimental results of structuralproperties X-ray diffraction (XRD) showed that both Nickel oxide nanoparticles with (PH=6and 12) have polycrystalline structure smaller average particle size about 8.5 nm for PH = 6 incomparison with PH = 12. Morphological studies using Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)and atomic force microscope (AFM) show uniform nano rod distribution for PH=6 withsmaller average diameter, average roughness as compared with NiO with PH=12 that showedlarger diameter, grain size, spherical shape with scope of excellent sensing applications due tohigh roughness. Optical properties results show blue shift for PH = 6 as compared withPH=12m leading to potential of optoelectronic applications and as active optical