The Indicative Structure of the Verbs in the Poem 0f Obeid Ibin Al –Abrass (One of the Seven Ode) or (The Ode)


The growing richness of Arabic language is one of its prominent features and it is so clear in the side of its multi pure structure.Here,we have the regular,the heard and the irregular structures. The multiness lead of the multi doors of the infinitive third verb ant to the multi structures of nouns,plurals as well as the base verbs.The study of pure semantics consist of the study of the pure structure of word whiche states its dictionary meaning.Beside that it makes the meaning of this or that word clear within or outside the context.The relationship between the structure of the word and linguistic functions is just like the relation between the building material and building itself.This paper will deal with poem of Ibn Al-Abrass because it is one of the poems of the old poetry which consist of an important stuff applicable with the rules of language and its structure in the time of objection.