Employee voices system and Role in Achieving of the Job Engagement: Applied research in a Sample of private Iraq banks


The research aims to diagnose the extent of interest for human resource in the field Iraqi banking environment in terms of the practice of its role as a strategic partner in the Organization decisions through(listen to his voice) to reflect its results in job engagement to work and devote his efforts towards achieving the core goal Of success and continue. The problem was expressed through a number of intellectual and practical questions. In order to achieve the aim of the research the quantitative analytical method was used depending on a questionnaire as a basic tool to collect research data and the qualitative survey method depending on semi-structured interviews which were distributed and analyzed in parallel to enhance results in the application of the current research, the targeted sample were 15 private banks working in Baghdad exclusively and the research data were collected depending of samples consist of 244 manager( department managers, branches managers and supervisory departments ). After that data analysis was conducted and the hypothesizes were tested using appropriate statistical tools. The results shows the proof of all research hypotheses and according to that a number of conclusions and recommendations were set.