Effect of Annealing Treatment on the Anisotropy Behavior of Cold Rolled Stainless Steel 304 Sheets


Anisotropy of materials has harmful effects during deep drawing operations and reduce it will strongly enhance the productivity and quality of deep drawing yields. In this work the effect of annealing treatment on texture and anisotropy behavior of cold rolled stainless steel 304 sheets were investigated. Uniaxial tensile test samples cut at 0o, 45o and 90o to the rolling direction were prepared in order to measure the anisotropy parameters (normal anisotropy, r_n, and planar anisotropy, ∆r). Two annealing temperatures (1050, and 1150) °C were used to study their effects on anisotropy behavior. The results show that the normal anisotropy value of annealed samples at 1150°C increases by (31%) as compared to the received samples. This indicates that the annealed samples at 1150 °C have the highest formability. Also, results show significant reduction (about 88.7%) in planar anisotropy value for 1150°C annealed samples. This gave rise to an increase in deep drawing yield.