Experimental Study of Hydraulic Jump in Adverse Stilling Basin at Smooth Bed


The effect of changing in the bed slope of stilling basins produces changing in characteristics of the hydraulic jump such as sequent depth ratio, length of jump ratio, length of the roller and energy dissipation ratio, consequently the dimensions of stilling basin changed. In this study hydraulic jump investigated on smooth bed (without any appurtenances) for three adverse slopes (- 0.03, - 0.045, - 0.06) in addition to horizontal bed slope, the experiments were applied for the range of Froude number (Fr1) between 3.99 and 7.48. The results showed a reduction about10 % in sequent depth ratio, 22.1 % in length of jump ratio, 20.51 % in length of roller ratio and 13.87% in the energy dissipation ratio when the adverse slope (- 0.06) used instead of horizontal bed for the same Froude numbers. Empirical equations for the sequent depth ratio, length of roller ratio and the energy dissipation ratio were obtained from the experimental data.