Hydrologic Modeling for Sedimentation in Hemrin Reservoir Using HEC-HMS


Hemrin dam is an important dam in Iraq located on Diyala river which is considered as main tributary of Tigris. The sedimentation is very difficult problem and is considered the major problem affecting the utilization of the dam. HEC-HMS 4.1 software was used to made a simulation for sedimentation in Hemrin reservoir in order to estimate the amount of sediment entering and deposition in the reservoir for the period (1981-2014). The calibration processes were performed using field measurement data for flow of water from Diyala river, the result obtained from simulation process found that the average annual sediment discharge load to Hemrin reservoir is ( 3.43x〖10〗^6 Ton), while the average annual sediment deposited is (3.25x〖10〗^6 Ton).