Speed Controller of Three Phase Induction Motor Using Sliding Mode Controller


A Sliding Mode Control (SMC) with integral surface is employed to controlthe speed of Three-Phase Induction Motor in this paper. The strategy used is a modifiedfield oriented control to control the IM drive system. The SMC is used to calculate thefrequency required for generating three phase voltage of Space vVector Pulse WidthModulation (SVPWM) invertor. When the SMC is used with current controller, thequadratic component of stator current is estimated by the controller. Instead of usingcurrent controller, this paper proposed estimating the frequency of stator voltagewhereas the slip speed is representing a function of the quadratic current. The simulationresults of using the SMC showed that a good dynamic response can be obtained underload disturbances as compared with the classical PI controller; the completemathematical model of the system is described and simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK.