Detection of Human Cytomegalovirus in Patients with Meningitis by Using Real Time PCR


Abstract:Background: Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is one of the causes of meningitis and can affectthe nervous system at all levels, from the hemispheres to the peripheral nerves, with presentationsreflecting the pattern of anatomic involvement.Aim of the study: To assess the role of HumanCytomegalovirusin a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples of Meningitis patientsusing Real time PCRmethod.Materials and Method: This study recruited Forty-EightMeningitis patients (referred ascases onward).The levels of glucose and proteins as well as cell cytology were used to roll outpatients with other types of meningitis.DNA was isolated from CSF samples obtained from eachparticipant. The HCMV UL36 gene was amplified with specific set of primers using Eva Green RealTime PCR.Results:results proved that 4(8.4%) out of 48 samples were real –time PCR positive theremainder 44 (91.6 %) were CMV real time PCR negative.Conclusion:Based on of these results, weconcluded that HCMV should not be rule out as one of the most important causes of meningitis inIraq.