A strategic change has the effect of creating a competitive advantage for organizations


This research deals with the impact of strategic change in its four main dimensions (routine, limited, radical, reorientation) as a variable independent of the competitive advantage dimensions (cost, quality, flexibility, innovation). To identify the strategies or policies adopted by the Department for strategic change to enable them to create a competitive advantage, and to know the extent to which management supports the change strategies adopted and describes the dimensions of the competitive advantage mentioned above and their contribution to the promotion and realization of the objective The study examined a set of hypotheses that were tested by the SPSS program. A random sample of (50) leaders and administrators from the distinguished professors and other degrees was selected to be the research community. (70). The research reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which is that the total strategic change has played a weak role in creating a competitive advantage for the Place of research organization, except for the cost and quality, where they had a positive relative role in the effect. The study also presented a set of recommendations aimed at reducing the size of the problem studied.