Engineering Learning In The University Using Computer And Information Technologies


This paper is about the preparations and methods used to teach, evaluate and test students without the use of papers in lectures or in mid and final exams for two classes: Computer Aided design CAD for third year students and Computer Aided Engineering CAE for fourth year students. Using both SolidWorks and ANSYS. This method was called paperless learning because computers are only being used for teaching and evaluating students and performing examinations. Students are involved interactively in the scientific material where this material is applied using computer programs which enable the student to perform simulations to solve all engineering problems. Also, students are given all electronic learning methods which are given in the first lecture and documented in discs, USB drives, and or external hard drives, these devices contain numerous eBooks, exercises, projects, educational films, and links and URLs for internet websites. This data is documented as Word documents or PDFs and students are free to copy and print any of these authorized materials to benefit from. Thus, the old-fashioned method of copying lectures on papers has been excluded so that the scientific material cannot be trapped within few exercises or fixed schedules during the academic year, but also given as electronic materials as mentioned earlier. This electronic material is being updated continuously along the academic year every year.