Nature of the Relationship Between Public and Private Investment and Their Impact on Economic Growth for A Sample of Asian Countries - An Econometric Study 1980-2009


This study analyzes the relationship between public and private investment in Asian Countries. The issue of theory relationship between public and private investment has been focus of attention in the literature since the early 1980s and it is still the subject of consider able controversy. By researchers is whether public and private investment has a different impact on economic growth, and whites the linkages between them. It setup a simple theoretical model where two counter vailing forces coexist on the hand, public investment raises the productivity of private investment and leads to potential Crowding-In of private investment. On the other hand, weak institutes and restricted access financing could diminish the positive effects of public investment and Crowding-Out private investment. We Adopted the VAR model which is measure the log-term relationship and the Error Correction Model (ECM) to measure the short-term and finally the Granger Causality test to analyze the direction between them. The empirical results suggest that on average the crowing in effect dominates, and increase in domestic investment accelerate the economic growth through increase in capital accumulation