Developing the Economic Activities of cities According to the Sustainable Development Criteria A Case Study of Sinjar


Cities have become the center of the emergence of many urban problems that result from the increase in populations number and retardation by not getting along with the economic and social activities in the cities, and that led to the emergence of many problems that had a great impact on the quality of life through the insufficiency of services that are necessary to provide a luxurious life for the city dwellers, in addition to the problems of the environmental pollution in all its aspects. What has been mentioned in this study is based on a number of modern studies and researches as well as the field work of the researcher which are related to the economic activities of the cities, urbanism, sustainable development and environmental pollution, in addition to the historical and demographical aspects of the area studies as the rates of the urban growth and the urban expansion in the city. The most important aspects of the sustainable development of the cities were analyzed especially the mutual relations between some of the economic, social and environmental factors in the city, through which a number of conclusions and recommendations were reached, where the impact of the economic, social and environmental factors on the urban development was clear in different relations and in different levels.