Obstacles of Gaining Sustainable Competitive Advantage A Case Study in Cement Factory in Hamam AL- Aliel AL-Jadeed, Ninavah Province


The research identifies and diagnoses the obstacles to gain sustainable competitive advantages of internal environment and external environment in New Cement Factory of Hamam AL- Alil. It included constraints on the interior of the factory weaknesses, and external environment of the strength of the bargain of processors or the strength of the bargaining of environment and general environmental threats wane instrumental in weakening the factory ownership of sustainable competitive advantage and a cement factory was chosen to be the scope for the study. The researchers adopted a resolution tool for collecting data and information on the practical aspect of the study as well as personal interviews. In order to achieve the objectives of the study and its premise wane a default model demonstrates the availability of some impediments to gaining sustainable competitive advantages in the lab. Based on the description and diagnosis of the study variables and test its premise is reached for a set of conclusions, including the availability of a set of constraints experienced by the plant represented by the bargaining power when the processors, and the vulnerabilities of the plant as well as general environmental threats, and a relationship between vulnerabilities and threats to the environment, as well as a link between vulnerabilities and bargaining strongth when equipped. Then put a series of proposals that are consistent with the conclusions indicated.