Abstract The Religious Discourse and Its impact on the Young people (A socio-anthropological Reading of the Iraqi reality)


The religious discourse is considered one of the most important factors affecting the Iraqi society, which is characterized by its general nature as religious. Thus, religious discourse contributes in one way or another to the stability of the society or not. If employed in a positive way, it leads to cohesion and social wellbeing. While if it is negatively employed, the disintegration and deterioration of society will be the result. This is what we observed after 2003 and how the moderate religious discourse managed to maintain the bonds of society and the continuity of life in a natural way. This situation does not last forever. This same religious discourse is exploited by some of the hardliners and extremists in a negative way, which reflected negatively on the Iraqi reality, especially young people who embrace dangerous thoughts and abnormal extremist ideas. These ideas led the society towards conflict and collision, which led, in turn, to imbalance in the public order of society on the social, political, economic or cultural side. Then instability and the country's exposure to various terrorist attacks bring about the country into chaos, threats, murder, kidnapping and explosions in most areas of Iraq. The present paper aims to identify the most important types of religious discourse and its impact on young people as well as identify the negative or positive repercussions of religious discourse in society. The importance of the paper lies in the fact that it deals with a sensitive subject touching the reality of the Iraqi living and its impact on an important and effective segment of the society, that is, the youth in addition to the theoretical and practical aspects of the research. The focus of this paper is on the renewal of religious discourse, the various areas of this renewal, the most important obstacles that impede this process, highlight the features of the crisis facing such renewal, and the role of the new religious discourse in correcting the image of Islam to the other