A Study of Solar Activity Effect on the Total Electronic Content of Ionosphere above Iraq for the Solar Cycle 24


In this study, the effect of the CMEs and the sunspots on the parameter TEC of the ionospheric layer for the earth atmosphere has been achieved for solar cycle 24 ( Rising phase, peak and part of the down phase). 110 solar events of halo type with CAP 360º were analyzed for the years (2009-2016), data were extracted from LASCO system and ERNE system on board SOHO, while the SSN related to some cycle 24 were extracted from (Silso). The values of TEC parameters of ionosphere above Iraq were calculated through the mathematical method of dependent equations. All of these parameters were statistically analyzed using the statistical program (SPSS statistics 23.0 IBM), and according to the statistical results for this study, it has been found that there is a weak relation between the energy and the velocity of CMEs with TEC, while there was a strong relation between the SSN and the TEC of the ionosphere layer.