A proposed program to participate in the employment skills of self-learning to address delays for intermediate students in Iraq


The goal of current research to identify the role of community participation in the activation of self-learning for students of middle school in Iraq and study sample consisted of 30 students from the middle school in Babil province of Iraq was designed researcher questionnaire was distributed to the students after they were presented to the faculty of specialists in the Ministry of Education until gaining the final version was distributed to students. Data were analyzed using statistical methods such as arithmetic mean, standard deviation, and the weighted average relative weight is the most important findings of the research are:1. Through community participation is self-learning effective and suitable for middle school students2. Self-learning is better than traditional learning in solving the problems of education, such as underachievement.The study also showed that there are several factors were the cause of the delay in students' curriculum, including: -1. Triple always a problem in those schools which leads to narrow the time of the student and the teacher in providing course material well-presentation2. Weakness possibilities of teaching in these schools because of the limited time available .