Interference of Two Periods of Waiting in Case of Death in Islamic Legislation


The importance of doctrinal issues lies in the need for people in their daily lives and personal status of marriage, divorce, tunnel and several other provisions that are inextricably with them, especially those provisions that are closely linked to one of the five essentials in Islam, namely the preservation of religion, self-preservation, birth control, preservation of money and the preservation of reason.The subject of our research is closely linked to one of those five necessities in Islam, namely the need to preserve offspring, and preserve the genealogy of mixing as the legitimate intent of the legislation of the kit and its provisions is to identify the womb of the wife after separating the husband divorce or death.One of the doctrinal issues in which the scholars differed the question of overlapping the two after their meeting.And the general public do not know the legitimacy of the law, so I liked through this research to shed light on that issue and follow the words of the jurists in which I seek from this first face of God Almighty and my second concern for the benefit of the general Muslim by informing them of the provisions of their true religion.We ask Allah Almighty to teach us what is good for us and what we can do for us, including what we have learned and increase our knowledge and understanding in religion.


Overlap, two-piece, canon