Investigation of the Effect of Loading Paths in the Tube Hydroforming Process


The precise control of internal pressure andaxial feeding loading paths important influences thefinal tube quality. In this research the impact ofloading path of the tube hydroforming process andfinal part requirements ( i.e. thickness specificationand shape conformation) were studied numerically.Small bulge shape tube hydroforming parts wereutilized in the finite element analyses to get severalguidelines on the effect of the relation between theinternal pressure and axial compressive feedingprograms. Two dimension model of bulge shape tube(50 mm) bulge width has been developed fromcylindrical tube with thickness (2mm) of the copperand (60 mm) outer diameter. A commercial availablefinite element program code (ANSYS 11), is used toperform the numerical simulation of the tubehydroforming operation. The results demonstratethat, the loading path has very important influencedon the thickness distribution over the tube andcapability attained the target shape of the requiredproduct.