Comparison of estimations methods of the entropy function to the random coefficients for two models: the general regression and swamy of the panel data


In this study, we focused on the random coefficient estimation of the general regression and Swamy models of panel data. By using this type of data, the data give a better chance of obtaining a better method and better indicators. Entropy's methods have been used to estimate random coefficients for the general regression and Swamy of the panel data which were presented in two ways: the first represents the maximum dual Entropy and the second is general maximum Entropy in which a comparison between them have been done by using simulation to choose the optimal methods.The results have been compared by using mean squares error and mean absolute percentage error to different cases in term of correlation value and the variance and the common variation, as well as taking into account the change in the number of cross sections and time series, when using the R2 accompanying any method of estimation methods, we note their superiority in some cases, especially when changing took place on the variance values.