Extraction of carp fish chitosan and determination and study of its characteristics


The aim of this study was to extract the chitin and chitosan from carp fish, The percentage of extraction of chitin and chitosan extracted from carp fish peels were 55.75% chitin and 3.55% chitosan depending on dry weight of carp fish peels. The study of chitosan characteristics showed that degree of deacetylation for control sample and extracted chitosan were 82.84%, 81.32% respectively. The result of FTIR for two type of chitosan showed absorption spectrum matching (IR) on 1220, 1020 (cm-1) bands for amide group between 1150, 1020 (cm-1) bands, FTIR result were used for calculation degree of deactylation depending on linear equation by using the band 1320, the molecular weight of extracted chitosan was 77142.57 (Dalton) while the control chitosan was 1000027 (Dalton), and it was from high molecular weight. As for the estimated moisture percentage for extracted chitosan and control were 15.50%, 14.65% respectively, and the Solubility for extracted chitosan and control was 94.18% and 96.85% respectively. The pH for extracted chitosan and control was 8.2 and 8.5 respectively