The role of multi-media in promoting artistic practices for the works of contemporary artists


Multi-media implementation in art becoming numerous to include all disciplines of visual arts and artists seek to provide new creative solutions that combine all types of technologies in order to provide artworks with different identity combines traditional and digital image, and still 3D artwork and movable one, and between touchable and untouchable, and the reality and virtual, and other artistic concepts and terminology which associated within art disciplines which are no longer boundaries between them cause to developments and radical changes.This research presents the role of multi-media in the disciplines of visual arts in providing artists within the artistic and linguistic constructions which go beyond the physical boundaries of place and time. The use of new multi-media, as means for documenting and transferring or presenting artistic experiments, can producing different and multiple art-solutions such as use of linguistic texts; drawing illustrations and maps; images’ photographs; audio and video movies. It’s became a technical instrument for implementing various processes of contemporary creative art including different artistic directions such as conceptual art, environmental art, art land, performance art, installation art, and video and computer art.The researcher used the descriptive and analytical research method for presenting a number of global experiences based on multi-media art productions. The result shows that the contemporary artists depend on their productions on the digital camera, video. They also rely on light and movement as well as virtual artworks and digital installations, which are all offering numerous forms of artists’ implementations using new technological media.The research concludes that there are a number of successful art experiences which has expanded the use of the multi-media and digital camera in creating new image of art called Nano-art which is worth to be studied and analyzed