Client Authentication By Selected Secure Password-Based On Image Using Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol


Many of the serious security threat such as (social engineering, phishing) which looks like legitimate for the client is growing, and grow with it the concerns issues related to confidence and integrity of the client. One of the important defense lines in security issues is authentication, and ways to bar a password theft has authenticated the user without the text password. In this paper, we proposing a service of an authentication, by using challenge handshake authentication protocol (CHAP) which is based on image and abolish the need for the text passwords. The client will get a One Time Password (OTP) after the authenticity of an image. This method of authentication relies on the ability of the user to recognize the pre-chosen name of the image from a server by the response CHAP of server and integrates Image-based authentication by specifying the first byte after the header of the image to represent the password for achieving the high level of authenticating the client via the internet. These work are very economical to perform, provided that they are time synchronized with a client. The maximum time of authentication process does not exceed (6 sec).