Deconstruction & Hermeneutics In Quantum Physics


The research has revealed a new vision to represent the philosophy involved in quantum physics by adapting it to accept an innovative reading based on the principles and categories of the philosophy of deconstruction and hermeneutics. Therefore, after the introduction to the search, the sections of it are consistent with this general trend. So, the first section has dealt with the methodic convergence between the philosophy of deconstruction and quantum physics. To find another participant between them, the second section which is dedicated to looking for a new objectification of mind has come as a complement to the first one. Then, the third section is devoted to show that the philosophy of quantum physics concerns with writing a new linguistic text of existence. The fourth section, which appeared under the title "The Foundational Trace-- Schrodinger's Function" is aimed to matching these two concepts. Then the fifth section which has been under the title' principle of complementarity : principle of uncertainty – postponement: differ(a)nce' has intended to what the fourth section has done. Finally, the research is finished with a brief conclusion.