Inhibitory effect of gundelia extract on urinary α-amylase activity of type-I diabetes mellitus


Background and objective: α-amylase is an enzyme that degrades starch into maltose and glucose by hydrolyzing α-1,4-glucan bonds.It is known that the enzyme is found to be elevated in patients suffering from diabetes mellitus.A potent extracts of locally distributed wild plant,the Gundelia was found to inhibit elevated activity of α-amylase with dose responses.Methods: Samples of 50 diabetes mellitus type-I has been investigated for urinary α-amylase activity.An inhibitory dose of Gundelia extract were used for the inhibition of the elevated enzyme activity.The data obtained were compared with that of healthy controlled samples﴾30﴿.The adopted protocol was a colorimetric determination﴾Anonymous,1980﴿ .Results: α-amylase activity was found to be elevated﴾281.70±10.03 IU/24hr) in patient’s serum compared with that of controlled samples﴾43.38±3.33 IU/24hr﴿.The activity of the enzyme was found to be inhibited﴾160.11±250.4 IU/hr﴿ in patients serum using dose response of 15mg/ml of Gundelia extract. The study were comprehensive to determined the physical parameters of the enzyme activity and a values of Vmax and Km were obtained.Conclusion: It was known that Gundelia is used in prevention and treatment of liver diseases. The plant has a role in the body as an antioxidant factor.It has a hypolipemic effect, therefore, a use of such plant extract could have a hypoglycemic activities on patients with DM-I.