Trends of Neonatal Mortality and Factors Related with Neonatal Mortality Among Neonates admitted to the Neonatal Care Unit of Fatima Al Zahraa Hospital in Baghdad During 2017


ABSTRACT:BACK GROUND:The neonatal mortality rate is a key outcome indicator for newborn care and directly reflectsprenatal, natal, and postnatal care. Early neonatal deaths are more closely associated withpregnancy related factors and maternal health, whereas late neonatal deaths are associatedmore with factors in the newborn`s environment.OBJECTIVE:To find out the neonatal mortality rate and to identify the factors related with neonatalmortality among neonates admitted in the Aseptic Neonatal Care Unit of Fatema AL ZahraaHospital.METHODS:A cross - sectional hospital-based study was done depending on data collected from records ofthe Aseptic Neonatal Care Unit (ANCU) of Fatema AL Zahraa Hospital in Baghdad, to findout the number of deaths within the neonatal period (0-28 days) that was conducted from 1st ofJan 2017 to 31st of Dec 2017. Data was also, collected from Obstetrical Ward to determine thenumber of live births for the same period. The data was collected by using special formincluding; the number of deaths in neonatal period, cause of death, neonatal gender, gestationalage, birth weight, mother`s age, educational level, history of congenital anomaly in previouspregnancy , antenatal care, parity, consanguinity, type of delivery, pregnancy outcome, totalnumber of live births, and history of medical disease during pregnancy .RESULTS:The Neonatal Mortality Rate (NMR) was 14.37 per 1000 live birth. NMR was very highamong low-birth-weight preterm infants, (50%) of mothers completed the primary school,(71.89 %) of mothers had positive history for Consanguinity,15% of mothers had positivehistory of congenital anomaly in previous pregnancy,(70.41%) of mothers were in the (20-35years) age group. Normal vaginal delivery (NVD) in (63.01%) of cases. The most commoncause of neonatal deaths in the preterm delivery was respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), andin the full term delivery was asphyxia.CONCLUSION:The neonatal mortality rate was 14.37 per 1000 live birth. The maternal and neonataldemographic data that were related with increased NMR were prematurity, lack of antenatalcare, multipara mother, repeated CS, mother`s hypertension, and consanguineous marriage..