Extremism and armed groups


Extremism is one of the problems that human societies have suffered. Their causes and motivations have multiplied, and their manifestations have been complicated by the exacerbation of intellectual stuffing based on convictions that become an absolute fact for those who embrace it and all other convictions are invalid As a result, cancer cells were formed by armed organizations that varied in their potential and influence, as well as the difference they formed from those who were encouraged by the dictatorship before 2003 and another section that stemmed from the blind fanaticism that varied in their affiliations at home and abroad. The highest percentage of respondents were Al-Qaeda Islamic).In order to confront this phenomenon, we must sharpen our efforts and devote efforts at all levels to bear fruit on the near and distant future, and to follow the most important procedures: to pay attention to research and intellectual studies that address the intellectual breakthroughs resulting from the development of communication, and to accurately measure the path of the intellectual destination among youth, Scientific,And to address the media that threaten the social peace and try to sow sectarian and ethnic strife between the people of the country. Drain the sources of terrorism and deal seriously through equality and justice and promote a culture of tolerance and peaceful coexistence and acceptance of the other, and the exclusive arms of the state and the advancement of society towards civilization civilized and away from all manifestations of armament, (Civil society organizations) in addressing all manifestations of extremism in cooperation with international organizations.