Women's satisfaction about MCH care services provided to pregnants attend antenatal care units in Erbil city


Background and objective Quality of antenatal care services and client satisfaction are interrelated concepts. Measuring quality of care conceptualized in such a broad manner represents a true challenge Studies have revealed positive correlations between patient satisfaction and health care utilization. The present study aimed to determine the level of satisfaction for pregnant women in Erbil society for provision of services and health care utilization .Method Cross sectional study was carried out on 300 pregnant women attending (MCH) maternal &child health unit of three primary health care center (PHC) in Erbil city ( nazdar bamerni, mala-afandi, azadi) from 1st of march 2008 to the 5th of September 2008. The variables included were socio-economic state, age ,occupation ,address, educational state, religion ,satisfaction with overall care provider, drug provision, tetanus vaccine , waiting time ,and health education regarding family planning and breast feeding programs .Result about two third of the sample at age group 21-30 year, majority of women 76% was housewives, 43.3% with primary school education, most of them 77.7% from moderate socioeconomic status,89.7% satisfied with care services available, 91.4% were satisfied with adequate medicine supply,88.7% satisfied with tetanus vaccine supply , 84% of the sample satisfied with waiting time in less than one hour, while access of session in female health education talking about important family planning and birth spacing method were19.4%, and information of benefit breast feeding 42.3%.Conclusion: The study revealed that majority of women satisfy with health care services but Erbil need to improve in the program of health education regarding family Planning and benefits of breast feeding.