Enhancing Reological Properties of liquid asphalt


The purpose of this study is to improve the specifications of cut back asphalt (S125) in order to use in the treatment of holes, potholes and cracks of roads. Different methods were carried out to enhance physical and mechanical properties and to get better construction behavior. These treatments are:-First: The vacuum distillation of S125 cut back asphalt was employed to remove oil, vacuum gas oil and vacuum residue as a rapid curing. FTIR spectra of the four fractions of S125 were recorded. It was observed a low penetration and high softening point for the vacuum residue.Second: extraction method using ethanol as a solvent was employed to extract light component that could be in the S125 cut back asphalt. The results indicated that the softening point was highly increased and the penetration as well as ductility was decreased to minimized level.Third: Some Polymers were used as cross linking agent such as melamine and phenol formaldehyde resins. Fourth: The unsaturated monomers were polymerized free radically to increase the solidification of S125. Fifth: The hydrated white cement was used as additive to the S125 cutback asphalt at different ratios to improve the properties. This method was observed as a suitable and economic method, and easy employed compared to others and the best rheological behaviors were given in this method. Also the vacuum distillation method gave high improvements in rheological properties for asphalt residue.