The Procedures of applying Lean Accounting method in economic entities that transformation to lean


Most of the local economic units apply traditional methods in calculation for daily, weekly, monthly and annual because of the lack of knowledge about modern methods, such as the lean accounting method. And they don’t have the ability to apply these methods. they first need to know these modern methods and then how to implement them because the variation application of traditional methods and lean (for each finance, cost and management accounting) through know prepare financial statements and administrative reports and how to calculate costs according schedules prepared by companies that applied this method and compare with is currently applied under traditional accounting, which is clear and easy to use by internal and external entities in the case application lean accounting.The most important conclusions the research reached is the development in the use of lean accounting helps in the control and strategic making of economic entity and financial and cost statements and administrative reports and with abbreviated and understandable by everyone and ready upon request by the Supreme departments and other practices that help in decision-making.