The Liner Models Scope To Determent Whom Variables Affecting the Demand on Housing


Quantitative analysis of the demand patterns in housing market using typical methods is regarded as one of the most important topics. Those models are regarded as tools that help predict the face value and its movement over time as well as its participation in preparing housing policies and evaluating the strategies that aim at eliminating the housing problems. Data and information form a basic aspect in quantitative analysis that precedes preparing mathematical structure of the model. This information gives us a comprehensive picture about the nature of the variables affecting the housing sector and how they co-interact inside the model. It also enables the researchers to interpret the results and compare them with the previous projections about the effect of the variables of the phenomenon in question. So, the typical models used in planning housing demand has to be as comprehensive as possible to ensure the success of the aims of a housing policy and to predict the size, direction and future effects of the phenomenon.