The Story of the Owners of the Groove Through Historical Novels


The story of the owners of the groove Events associated with an Arab monarch who converted to the Jewish religion called Al-Nawas persecuted a group of Christians in the region of Najran; because of their Christian religion (called by the Koran to the believers), and note how the Holy Quran to defend those believers, and confirms the plight of oppressors with the intent and his group of Jews, Who was very fanatic of Christianity and wanted to uproot it from Yemen, asked the Christians to leave their religion, and what they refused burned in the groove dug them, and this incident mentioned in the Koran, and many historians until recently see that the reason for the persecution of the "Nawas" of Christianity is : His religious intolerance; He was a fan of Judaism and a fanatic of it; this intolerance may be one of the reasons why Nawas did what he did; but there are other reasons for his persecution of the Christians: Christianity in the East was under the protection of Byzantium and Abyssinia and its spread means the increased influence of these two countries in Yemen, While the spread of the Jewish religion was not accompanied by any political danger, because there was no state that protected the Jews, it was said that the Jews had instigated the "Nawas" against the persecution of the Christians, because their religion in Byzantium was treated badly, The Jew over the Christians is not known to be a priest The paganism continued to exist in Yemen until the advent of Islam. It may also be inferred that its cruelty to the Christians was not motivated by Jewish fanaticism, but by national motives.