Lightweight RC4 Algorithm


As a significant number of applications in mobile transactions and wireless sensor networks are characterized by short duration sessions, security issues turn into a focal concern. RC4 algorithm is a standout amongst the most broadly utilized stream ciphers which locates its application in numerous security conventions, for example, Wired Equivalence Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi Protocol Access (WPA). In this paper, we suggest a lightweight variation of the well-known RC4 algorithm that is exceptionally appropriate for resources of computational compelled gadgets and energy in remote systems, when contrasted with RC4 and its variations like, HC128, Grain-128, and so on.,. We propose new PRGA which is replaced the PRGA keystream generation algorithm of RC4. The proposed LRC4 execution is surveyed in terms of randomness test and time under an arrangement of analyses. The trial comes about demonstrate that the resulting stream are random, and the suggested algorithm quicker compared to standard RC4, the results indicate the average of speed improvement is about 54% in both encryption/decryption sides.