Use of Orange Husk and Watercress ( Eruca sativa ) Seed Extracts as Antimicrobial Natural Preservative for Fruit Juices


ABSTRACTThe natural preservative for foods and juices are become mandatory required instead of artificial or chemical preservatives. That the main goal of our present study. The study included making water and alcoholic extractions of orange husk and Eruca Sativa seeds. The inactivation`s efficacy of these extracts of 150 , 250 and 400 mg/ml concentrations against some pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aurous, and Streptococcus pyogenes were done by the disc assay method and compared the results of inactivation with Azithromycin antibiotics. Also, the bioactive compounds of these extracts were determined. Orange and pomegranate juice samples which treated with the aquatic extract 400 mg / ml of orange husk and extract of Eruca Sativa seeds after 24 hr storage time were sensory evaluated by specialists and teachers to special sensory factors. The results were shown that the aquatic and alcoholic extracts of Eruca Sativa seeds have the following active compounds, resin, tannins, comarins, alkaloids, flavons, phenols,glycosides and saponins. However, the orang husk extracts have the same compounds except Comorians, and glycosides were absent. The results of antibacterial efficacy of the aquatic extract of the Eruca Sativa seeds of 400 mg/ml shown superior significant bacterial inactivation compared to the orang husk extracts and to the Azithromycin antibiotics with 0.05 probability . The results of the sensory evaluation showed that the orange and pomegranate juice samples which were treated with 400mg/ml water extract of orange husk gave higher scores than the treatment of Eruca Sativa seeds extracts .