Means of Water Storage in The Islamic Eras Through the Book "Lisan Al-Arab" by "Ibn Manthour" (D 711 A.H.) Historical Study (A Research Drawn from M.A. Thesis)


Means of water storage are considered very necessary and important in people's life. These means were not only used in agriculture like watering animals and agricultural lands, they were also used for storing water and transferring water to Mosques, public bathrooms, and houses in some Arabic Islamic Countries areas and through different ages. These means differ from size and shape of storage and the materials used in constructing or digging them. Some of these means are dams, basins, tankers, and canals. It is possible by these means to benefit from massive rain water, floods of some rivers and store them and use them when needed especially during the season of shortage of rain falling or none or during days of dryness. In these cases water storage in these means is used for drinking, water agricultural lands and animals.


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