Impact of sulfur foliar fertilization on some growth characteristics, yield and quality of two flax cultivars.


This study was conducted at Grdarasha Research Field / College of Agriculture / University of Salahaddin / Erbil with global positional system (GPS) reading of 360 0N, 440 01E (03411359 , 03997002 UTM) during November 2015 to June 2016 , to study the role of five concentrations of Sulfur foliar feeding ( 0. 100.200.300 and 400 ) mg per liter on some growth characteristic, yield and yield component of two flax cultivars(Poland and local) using (RCBD ) design with 3 replications. The results referred that the sulfur foliar feeding affected significantly at level of significant 5 % on the studied characters such as height of flax branches number , technical length , fruit length, capsules produced by one plant, seeds per one capsule, total yield of seeds, oil% in additional to protein %.The highest seed yield 1.66Mg ha-1)was recorded from treatment combination (300 mg L-1sulfur – Poland cultivar), while the highest oil and protein content (26.67% and 27.02 %) respectively were recorded from treatment combinations (400mg L-1 sulfur-local cultivar).On the other hand the lowest values for most of the studied characters were recorded from control –local treatment combination.