The Effectiveness of Internal Rhythm In Adonis's Choice (The Book of Arabic Poetry)


Adonis's choices In (The Book of Arabic poetry ) represents a rediscovery of Arabic poetry and presenting it in a way that suits contemporary thought , especially internal rhythm which represents repetition , paronomasia , antithesis and marquetry that are considered as tools to beautify the image and searching what is beyond its reality . The musical arts of poetry to Adonis are not auditory. They are reasons that represent the depth of poetry and its sense of life in accordance to the criteria set by Adonis. His images cannot be understood unless there is a kind of real connection between the rhythm and its significance. The importance of the rhythm resides in the way it contributes to evolve the humanistic values and searching for eternity. This depends on knowing the vision of Adonis and the way the reader receives it.


Adonis, Rhythm, Poetry