: As a result of the development in Iraq and the reconstruction of the different buildings, there are construction residues that be assembled in a randomized area of cities where these residues occupy a large area of residential or agricultural areas and pose a danger to the environment and humans, so there has become pressing need to study the environmental impact of construction waste materials and how to recycle and use them in the construction industry in a manner that helps to preserve the environment from pollution and conservation of its natural resources. This investigation includes the production of high performance lightweight concrete sustainable building units containing crushed brick clay resulting from the demolition waste and reconstructive of buildings and manufacture artificial aggregate from waste materials, as coarse lightweight aggregate. These units are features by thermal insulation and lightweight, in addition they are an environmental friendly have low price, which can be used in the implementation of low cost buildings. Two High performance lightweight aggregate concrete mixes were produced, the first concrete mix containing crushed clay brick (mix MBR), and the second concrete mix containing artificial LWA (mix MAR) as coarse LWA. These concrete mixes were used to produce concrete masonry unites (CMUs). High performance lightweight concrete mix containing crushed brick clay has oven dried density of 1930 kg / m 3, thermal conductivity of 1.0849 W / (m. K), and compressive strength of 41 N/ mm2, while concrete mix containing artificial aggregate has oven dried density of 1828 kg/m3, thermal conductivity of 0.9278 W/(m.K), and compressive strength of 47 N/mm2. Two geometrical forms of CMUs with dimensions of 200×200×400 mm were produced, the first one contains spaces less than 25% and the other geometric form contains polystyrene insulation materials. Numerous laboratory tests were carried out on the produced CMUs including, water absorption, density, and compressive strength. The results indicate that these units conforms Iraqi standard requirements No.10771987