The Analysis of the Climatic Requirements to Palm Agriculture in Diyala Governor


Diyala Governorate is one of the most popular places in the world that is known by its palms and palm-dates because of its uranolgical place between the latitude (33,3-35,6 to the north ) taking into consideration that palm trees grow at the latitude of (10-35 to the north) and that the climate it demands is transitional between the desert and the Dead sea . It is a continental climate characterized by dryness and high temperature at summer and low temperatureand rain at winter .The soil of Diyala governorate is part of the sedimentary land originated from the factors of transferring and disposition , and is considered the best high porosity that allow the air and roots to pass by easily and form a narrow zone that can be expanded with the lakes of Diyala and the Tigris and the regulated streams ( Mahroot , Khurisan , Alrouz , Al-haronia and Almukdadia) manipulated to plant palm trees . Throughout analyzing the climatic demands to plant palm trees and produce them (like the sun luminosity , the highest degree of temperature , the lowest degree of temperature , the direction and speed of the wind , moisture , rain and evaporation ) to suit planting palm trees and produce palm dates cases of excessiveness in these factors cause low and bad product . Low degrees of temperature in April (2004 , 2007 , 2009 , 2013 and 2014 ) in Diylagovernorate beside low hard working caused low product rate from 80 to 40 kg to every single tree .