This study sheds light on measuring and calculating the average of noises pollution indications in An Najaf. The city has recently got growth in commercial and industrial activities as well as a significant increase in the number of vehicles. In addition, the use of diesel generators is due to electricity shortage for long periods. Noise quality assessment was studied in An Najaf City for five areas, i.e., educational, industrial, commercial, residential and quiet. The study has been conducted for five months starting in November 2016. Noise pollution indicators viz. L10, L50, L90, noise climate (N.C), equivalent continuous noise level (Leq) and noise pollution level (Lnp) were calculated for the above mentioned five areas. The results of this study showed that the highest value of (Leq), which is 108.44 dB, was in the industrial areas followed by 89.55 dB in the commercial areas, 87.1 dB in the educational areas, 80.4 dB in the quiet areas, and 69.05 dB in the residential areas. It has been noted that the highest values of Leq in all areas were higher than the permissible limit in the Iraqi standards, where the noise assessment study in this research revealed the disturbing situation of noise pollution in the city of Najaf.