The Intensity of Groove Erosion in Darbandikhan Region Using Remote Sensing Techniques


The erosion process is considered as one of the most prominent applications that belong to applied geomorphological to facilitate the process of measuring the given data in order to comprehend these processes because of the role of human to make variables in it. So it is very important to know its effect by the present study concluded" The intensity of groove erosion in Darbandikhan region by using Remote Sensing techniques" by using contemporary techniques which facilitate research proceedings and uncover environmental components for the study area easily in comparison of the procedure in traditional methods. The study reached to find three kinds of erosion: sheet wash erosion, which conformed an area (83km2) with rate (16%) rills erosion with an area (195km2) by rate (36%) whereas the groove erosion was (60km2) with rate (48%) and throughout Bergsma equation 1983 the study area locate within the high erosion zone with a rate (1795km2).