Design of an RLC Compensator for a Synchronous Motor: Torque Ripple Improvement


AC-drive systems based Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) are widely utilized in industrial applications due to many advantages including excellent efficiency, best reliability, and low-effective cost compared with DC-drive systems. Design and implementation of an RLC compensator for a PMSM-drive system is demonstrated in this paper. The main aims of using an RLC compensator are decreasing of Total-Harmonics-Distortion (THD) of the input line current and Ripple Factor (RF) of the electromagnetic torque over a wide range variation in rotor speed and load. The entire transfer function of the proposed system is derived for stability verification under the change of rotor speeds. The proposed PMSM-drive system is implemented with and without RLC compensator for two cases; which are at a fixed load and a step-change in load. Good performance is achieved using the proposed RLC compensator; in terms of THD and RF are 0.77% and 3.13%, respectively.