A Review and Comprehensive Study of Wireless Channel in Mobile Communication System: Fading Phenomena and Estimation


In wireless communication systems, the channel estimation problem has been played an essential challenge to accurately retrieve the channel state information (CSI) such that reliable communication & wide coverage can be provided. Due to the improvement and rapid growth of communication systems and in order to maintain a reliable data transmission, estimation of CSI has become necessary. This in turn results, precise receiver demodulation, accurate decoding, and equalization processes. This paper gives a survey on a fading phenomena and a comprehensive review of the recent works that have already been done and studied related to the problem of estimating channel parameters in wireless communication systems. Varieties of best channel estimation techniques that have been recently evolved are explored. Comparison between them in terms of computational cost, simplicity and appropriateness conditions is also discussed. This paper also provides a basic introduction of wireless channel model, SIMO and MIMO channel.