Stylistic features in the Qur'anic story " for instance The Story of the Pharaoh's clan"


Stylistic studies are from the main studies that opened a wide area in linguistic studies because they combined the method and science and occupied an important place to rely on the texts analysis, especially the Koranic text. Koranic stories have places in their meaning and significance, in their letters and words and sentences and methods, Which makes Quranic stories a reason for methodic Quranic miracles.The researcher has adopted a descriptive analytical approach to study this subject. This approach is not limited to collecting of explanations and the truths, their writtings and classifying data and facts, in addition to analyzing very accurate and in depth. It also includes some explanation in this method. So description mixed with comparison in many times, moreover it uses comparison methods and writing and explanation With the aim of extracting the significant results and then reaching generalizations about the the subject of the study.This study shows that the signification varied in different contexts, and the structural features of the story came through the actions and sentences by the time of past and present verbs to express the events of the story, and that the voice features were represented by repetition and interval, which combines the technical consistency and influence on the address.