Identifying and studying the role of women in ancient Persia


Woman is a creature who is decorated with mysteries and filled with amazement . The world of human beings continue in the shade of this creature.Doubtlessly social condition of woman is no separate from it’s general condition of that society in no historical periods.Human beings is such as myth that has special believes during the history . This reality make cultural codes of that people known to us. Woman is one of these myth that has a lot of importance in ancient times Iran. A lot of changes happen in some periods maybe 10000 years before BC(before christ) in climatic conditions and a cave man make house for himself or herself little by little . Family was central power of this tribe in this period,because woman works in house also out of house with man in production to remove human needs .To reproduce babies and reproduction was woman’s natural duties and responsibilities. So woman has more importance than man in fact the role of woman was to connect families with each other in every where. Woman is a basic factor in power creation Woman is abasic factor in power creationThe subject of this research is to study the role of woman in ancient times Iran to show us the role and place of woman in society , and different ideas and believes that we have about womans.


woman, Iran, ancient