Study of polycystic ovary syndrome incidence and its relation to infertility among women in Thi Qar governorate.


Abstart: - In this study, 50 cases of women with polycystic ovary syndrome were reviewed for infertility unit at Al Hussein Educational Hospital and 40 healthy women were considered as control groups. The present study aims to identifying the changes in the levels of some reproductive hormones including prolactin (PRL), testosterone and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), in women with the syndrome and compare it with control group. The results of the statistical analysis showed a significant increase in the concentration of prolactin hormone, which reached the arithmetic mean (25.78 ± 31.103) ngmg for the infected women while it was (5.594 ± 12.61) ngmg ,in the control group. There was also a high significant difference in the concentration of testosterone as the arithmetic average of the infected and control group (5.78 ± 3.09), (0.308 ± 0.37) ng / mg, respectively .While there was no significant difference in the concentration of thyroid stimulating hormone between the two groups of study.