An analytical study to evaluate the level of stress and competitiveness and its relation to ambition for players of some athletics activities (Hammer - Disc - weight - spear) for the team of Diyala University Search submitted by


Psychology is one of the oldest sciences that are highly popular by researchers and scholars to know the human soul and the characteristics and characteristics of each age stage. It is the science that is interested in studying and understanding the personality of the individual and the possibility of controlling and developing them to achieve the necessary balance in human knowledge. And competitive relationship with ambition to the activities of athletics players of the University of Diyala, and the problem of research is reflected in the lack of the use of evaluation of ourselves and levels of ambitions, especially in sports competitions Perhaps the most prominent face is to know the real level to draw According to this level of ambition, which is commensurate with the capabilities of our players in some of the activities of games and forces, including (Hammer - disk - weight - spear) The most important recommendations by the researcher is recommended researcher interested in the psychological aspects of the players of the University in athletics in the effectiveness of the research used.