Modelling the Relevance between the Relationship Marketing and WOM Marketing through the Customer Satisfaction Case Study in Algeria Telecommunications Corporation


This study aims to measure the relevance among: relationship marketing (RM), word of mouth marketing (WOM) and customer's satisfaction by employing the exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). The study's results displayed that there is a statistically significant impact at α ≥ 0.05 for the RM and its dimensions (communication, trust, and commitment) ; at the WOM and customer satisfaction levels, and the strength of the indirect effect of independent variable (RM) in the dependent variable (WOM) through the intermediate variable (customer satisfaction) which is greater than the direct effect of RM in WOM level that referred to the role of customer's satisfaction variable in enhancing the effect relation between RM and WOM. The researchers recommended activating the role of CRM to train the institutional staff in order to provide high-quality interactive of digital services for enterprise customers, and to ensure that the performance of virtual pools is controlled and managed in the condition of digital RM.