The Role of Blue Ocean Leadership in Achieving Entrepreneurial University Requirements. A Comparative Study Between Some Government & Private Universities in Kurdistan Region


The research seeks to determine the role of the Blue Ocean Leadership with its four concentrates,(Leadership vision for human resource capabilities, the shift from traditional to blue ocean leadership, management change management leaders, initiation of development and implementation of the Blue Ocean Leadership)To achieve entrepreneurial university requirements in some government and private universities in the Kurdistan Region,By verifying the main and subsidiary research hypotheses that it providesOn the existence of a relationship of correlation and positive and moral impact between the leadership of the Blue Oceanand the requirements of entrepreneurial in the organization surveyed organizations University,Using statistical analysis of the data collected by distributed questionnaire formOn a sample of (239) of which was (175) government and universities (64) for private universities in the surveyed organizations under study,And reached a set of conclusions that confirm the existence of a correlation relationship and a significant impactBetween these dimensions and the requirements of the entrepreneurial university,Leading us to make some recommendationsIncluding the need for the attention of governmental and private organizations to lead the Blue Ocean and its foundations,As well as the need to work and to pursue entrepreneurial university requirements.