Social Media Based on Business Intelligence Capabilities: "Relationship and Impact "Survey Study at Zain Mobile City in Kirkuk / Iraq"


We attempt in this research shed light on two contemporary phenomena represented by business intelligence, including the contents, capabilities and social media, in order to answer a set of theoretical and applied questions in the preparation of a theoretical conception of the first and express the second hypothesis that "there is no correlation between the capabilities of business intelligence and social media , As well as not affected by the social media, "and tested the satisfactory study plan in the mobile telecommunications company Zain in the city of Kirkuk by standing on the views of the individuals interviewed (35) individuals, and worked on a number of tools and verify the hypotheses The research has reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which is to establish a relationship between the capabilities of business intelligence in terms of organizational abilities, technology and social media, and achieve an impact of business intelligence capabilities in terms of Organizational and social media, and based on the conclusions reached, a set of proposals could be developed that Zain can take in favor of improving the company's activities better.